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For high school students & young adults!  Join us each month for a night of fellowship, adoration, praise & worship, and reconciliation!


Source is back in-person for the LAST Source of the year on Sunday, June 6th at Christ the King Parish, and we are SO excited! Also, our capacity has increased, so bring your friends and family! Please make sure you’ve registered here:

Foundation (a pre-Source youth group for high school students) will still be happening online, but we have some big things planned that you won’t want to miss!

*If you are joining us for Foundation and Source, please make sure you eat (before or after Foundation) and make your way to Christ the King Parish.

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What is Source?

Are you a high school student or young adult?  Please join us month for a night of fellowship, adoration, praise & worship, and reconciliation!

It is an opportunity to meet others who are journeying in faith, and grow deeper in your own faith.

Source is a collaboration between Christ the King, Resurrection, and Holy Family parishes. The parishes take turns hosting, so be sure to check the schedule! It is open to ALL youth and young adults in Regina and surrounding areas, regardless of the parish they belong to

This is a free event, and with all that Covid-19 stuff, REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED 

For more information please email our Youth Ministry.


Tell me... What Eucharistic Adoration is?

Eucharist Adoration is a time of prayer and worship in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

There are lots of different ways that Eucharistic Adoration is done.

At Source, we take about an hour. During this time we have praise and worship music and silence. We also have priests available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and a prayer team for prayer ministry.