ADORE Prayer Ministry at Christ the King Parish

In September, 2016 CTK Parish began its very own prayer ministry - ADORE in response to Pope Francis’s urgent call to purification and renewal.

What is the ADORE Prayer Team?

ADORE Prayer Team Members answer the call to pray for the needs of the parish and for individual parishioners who request its prayers. They do this through a variety of ways, including either daily personal prayer, weekly personal Adoration, and/or by making a special effort to attend the Special Feast Day Parish Masses and Holy Hours of Adoration with fellow parishioners.

ADORE Members will be offered a Member Card as a sign of their commitment, will have their name added to the Member Registry to be prayed for by all members, and will receive notification of prayer requests from individuals and parish groups. All are invited to become an ADORE Prayer Team Member, regardless of age. Both those attending the parish and those unable to attend Holy Mass due to illness or confinement are invited.

I want to become an ADORE Prayer Team Member.

If you wish to become an ADORE Prayer Team Member, are interested in more information about ADORE Membership or have a prayer request, please contact: Linda Lucyk 306-539-6889 



To Register at the Hospitality Desk:

  1. Fill in the ADORE Sign Up Card, available in the binder. It simply asks for your name, email address, phone number and your commitment interest.
  2. After that, you will be contacted to receive your personalized welcome letter with further information and your ADORE Member Card.