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Welcome to our Youth Ministry 

We are a great ministry for our youth and young adults. We want to support the development of young people in our parish by encouraging healthy relationships, positive habits, and, most importantly, a love of God.

Serving youth in the parish and neighboring Catholic schools, we currently offer two programs, FAM & Source

Congratulations to our new Youth Minister Marrick Kowalski she started her role June 1st, 2021

Thank you for all your dedication & hard work Cyandra! We have been TRULY blessed to have you ministering with us these past couple years. 

Vocations Night

June 8th, 2021 @ 7PM  ZOOM linkAny questions?  Email the youth minister  

St. Pius X Retreat May 6, 2021




Hello Folks!

Glory be to Jesus Christ! Thanks for all the prayer and support that surrounded Thursday’s retreat. Thank you so much for allowing your youth ministers to be a part of this grade 7-9 diocesan retreat. They were beyond amazing.

The night before was pretty tense as we had lots of tech issues at our rehearsal. But God blessed us with Braden and he got it figured out, and the retreat itself, ran flawlessly. We had a great day. I am not sure of the final number in the end, but I do know that the platform we used to play the icebreaker games had a capacity of 2000 and it sent us a notice that they had closed the game and were not letting any more it was more than 2000.

I served as an emcee, but other than that, the day was run/presented by 4 of the most amazing young adults I have ever worked with. (including your 2 youth ministers!) They brought such great energy and enthusiasm, but also wisdom and vulnerability as they shared how their lives have been changed by KNOWING God, LOVING God, SERVING God and TRUSTING God. We wrapped the day in prayer, coming early to pray beforehand and praying with each speaker before they did their talk. We also could absolutely feel the Spirit's presence and knew we were also being held in prayer by each of you.

I have included below a few comments from teachers. We honestly have not had any negative feedback. A few good suggestions for a couple transition pieces that we would do differently next time, but that is about it. We sent a survey out to the kids as well. It was only

4 questions, but in one of the questions, we asked them about things they might be interested in becoming involved in, and as I prepared

the questionnaire, I felt called to list baptism and confirmation as one of the options. I have yet to look at all the responses, but of the ones so far about 20% indicated interest. So that will be the next challenge to try and find a way forward to meet that need (as many of their families are not attached to parishes) In any event, still much work to be done, so we listen for the promptings of the Spirit as to where we are called next. It is an honour and joy to partner with your parishes in this missionary effort.



I was unsure how the day would go, and it blew me away!! It was absolutely fantastic, fun, meaningful and reflective – exactly what I was hoping for! I even had some of my ‘too cool’ students dancing!


I love the fact that the people who spoke were young and I really believe that they made awesome connections with the students!! I have Gr.8’s and to have them raising their hands to pray, closing their eyes, so we could bless each one of the presenters...this is a HUGE success!!

I appreciate so much the messages that were shared and I love hearing my students discussing them when they thought I couldn't hear

them. (They are NOT into sharing ANYTHING). Thank you for all of your hard work preparing this and what I am sure was a technological stress bomb trying to pull off so smoothly. It was a fabulous day. Please do this again. Maybe weekly... Daily for the next 35 days is acceptable too :) Take Care and God bless you all and your ministries.

The other teachers and I remarked that it was the first, truly, fun and enjoyable non-academic day at school this year with the limitations on field trips, guests, etc. It was great to have the kids outside and working on the activities you had sent. Thank you for providing this for

us! We appreciate the hard and many hours of work that you and your team put into this event! So great!


We did a take away at the end of the day. Most of them referred to the last talk about trusting God, breaking your walls down, trusting others. I had a student say to me at lunch time, I thought this was going to be a very boring day. But, It's a great day and I'm having fun.

I was very impressed with the fact that there truly was a retreat-like atmosphere entirely virtually! I couldn't have asked for anything better for the classroom. I think the kids needed something like this at this particular time in our lives.

I think the students really liked knowing that they were part of a larger group taking part. They were engaged and participated a lot! Thank you for all of your hard work, very enjoyable day!!