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Saint of the Month

Our September saint of the month is St. John Paul the Great! St. John Paul the Great was born under the name Karol Wojtyla in 1920 in Poland. Karol experienced a great deal of loss and pain during his life: By the time he was twenty years old his entire family had passed away. He also lived during a time of war and suffering in his country as the Second World War raged across Europe. But even though Karol saw the horrible things the Nazis and Communists did to his people, he never lost his love for God and others. He decided to become a priest! 

Karol eventually became a Bishop, and then a Cardinal! He loved serving the people and bringing them Christ's joy. And then one day he received a special calling from God: to become Pope! Karol took the name Pope John Paul the Second and served as Pope for twenty seven years. He traveled around the world, bringing a message of hope and mercy to people everywhere. He also loved the young people and created a special day for them: World Youth Day.

Pope John Paul the Great's story reminds us that even though horrible things happen, God is always there with his love! 

We celebrate the feast of St. John Paul the Great on October 22.

St. John Paul the Great, pray for us!