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Saint of the Month

Our January saint of the month is St. Sebastian. St. Sebastian was a Roman soldier during a time when Christians were being killed for their faith. But Sebastian was not afraid to tell others about Jesus. In fact, he tried to tell as many people as he could about Jesus' love!

When the Emperor found out that Sebastian was a Christian, he ordered him to be shot to death with arrows. But Sebastian survived the execution and was secretly nursed back to health by a Christian woman. When he had recovered, Sebastian went back to the Emperor to tell him that hurting Christians was wrong! He wasn't afraid, even though the Emperor had him executed. He knew that Jesus was with him and would give him courage and strength!

St. Sebastian reminds us that even when things seem dark, Jesus is always there to help us. With Jesus at our side, we never need to be afraid! St. Sebastian is also the patron saint of athletes, so remember to ask for his intercession the next time you have a big football game or a dance competition!

We celebrate the feast of St. Sebastian on January 20.

St. Sebastian, pray for us!