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Pastoral Care


“The compassion of Christ compels us to give those who are ill through our care, a reason to hope”

(Catholic Healthcare Association of Saskatchewan - CHAS)


Christ The King Pastoral Care Ministry serves the needs of those sick, elderly and home-stay and hospitalized members of our parish family. In doing so we are continuing the healing ministry of Jesus.

THIS WE HOLD: Dignity of the Human Person

“We believe that human dignity and life are gifts from a loving Creator. We believe that all persons are created in the image and likeness of God, and are called to know, to love, and to be in communion with God now and for all eternity. Respect is due to every person from conception to death and each person is to be provided with the spiritual and pastoral care they require while holding each personal encounter in trusting confidence.

Lay Ministers and Visitors

From weekly Lay Services in Parkside, Sunset and Elmview Extendicare facilities, led by 15 teams of commissioned lay ministers to visits by more than a dozen trained and commissioned VISITORS in the several private care homes, condos, apartments, private residences and hospitals – our Pastoral Care Ministry identifies and serves the needs of the sick and elderly, or any who cannot join our parish community for the Holy Mass.

Sacrament of Healing and Anointing

Every year, over 280 Catholics in these residences, sick in their home or in hospital receive the Sacrament of Anointing from our parish priest, facilitated by our Pastoral Care Coordinator. Additionally, we facilitate a Good Friday Service at Parkside as well as 3 Memorial Services yearly. Visitors bring weekly or bi-weekly Holy Communion to residents designated to their care.

Training of Volunteers

Training opportunities are provided to volunteers throughout the year either through seminars, workshops or joining with local parishes to hear speakers or watch videos that are relevant to our ministry. The Pastoral Care Coordinator keeps volunteers informed if there is something that may benefit their ministry and they are invited to specific formation/training opportunities.

The Pastoral Care Coordinator is also responsible to keep altar cloths and candles in good care to beautify the spaces where services are held. She also works directly with the recreation directors of the facilities to stay informed if an outbreak occurs in the facility, in which teams do not go in that week, until clearance is given, according to the strict guidelines of the Qu’appelle Health Region.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
Volunteers prayerfully knit and distribute about 35 prayer shawls yearly; each shawl has a tag that reads, “Made with Love by Christ the King Parish”.  Prayer shawls are blessed at a Holy Mass before the community and delivered to people who could benefit from the warmth, blessings and caring prayer that these shawls represent.

If you would like to knit or crochet a prayer shawl, various patterns are available. Generally, the shawls should be 20" wide by 55-60" in length. From time to time we do have need of smaller shawls for children or babies, but the majority of shawls are going to adults and this recommended minimum size is the ideal. Donations of yarn is also graciously accepted.

If you know of someone who would benefit from the comfort of a prayer shawl whether it's a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor, they are available at any time.

Rides to Church on Sunday
Christ the King Parish provides rides to Sunday Mass to help those who don't drive and who have no other way to get to Mass. The cost per rider is $10/Sunday. The taxi will take riders to Holy Mass and then back home afterwards.

Hand Crafted Prayer Card and Rosaries for Bedside Visits

School children preparing for their sacraments make inspirational and decorative cards for our visiting ministry. Teachers and youth ministers facilitate the making of colorful rosaries. In the past few months over 200 cards and 150 rosaries were received with enthusiasm and gratefulness by those who receive them. Additionally, when placed on the walls in the homes and hospitals, they are a sign of our love for them; that God cares for them and that they are a valuable part of our parish community, particularly in their sacrifice of suffering. We ask them – if able – to offer their prayers for the children who prepared them and for the needs of our Parish. On special occasions our ministry gifts them with individually wrapped chocolates, which are also much appreciated.

Bereavement Card Campaign

Although the parish acknowledges many parishioners with cards – particularly in times of grief – the Pastoral Care Ministry especially reaches out at Christmas to those who have lost loved ones within the past 2 years – assuring them of our continued prayers and that their loved one “was much loved and never to be forgotten.” The outpouring of appreciation by those who received such cards was truly touching. This contact also leads to follow up pastoral care visits to those still grieving, where necessary.


Identifying Needs Through Increased Visibility and Outreach

Pastoral Care has increased its visibility and availability through the use of the hospitality desk before and after Holy Masses, by being present in the ministries office at the parish centre and through CTK’s weekly bulletin, Facebook, the updated webpage as well as through the monthly church calendar.

Inviting and Welcoming Parishioners into Pastoral Care Ministry

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Pastoral Care Ministry or would like more information please do not hesitate to phone our Pastoral Care Coordinator, Linda Lucyk at 306.539-6889 lindalucyk@lucyks.com

“Comfort, O comfort my people, Says your God.” (Isaiah 40:1)

Caregivers’ Prayer

Here I am, Lord.

I seek your vision and strength.

I call upon your steadfast love.

For you are with me in my desire

To care for and comfort your people.

Open my eyes to see sorrow.

Open my ears to hear distress.

Open my heart to love patiently

Open my lips to speak kindly.

Walk with me Lord, and guide me.

Renew my spirit and bless my work.

Strengthen me to care for the ill.

Inspire me to see new horizons.

Fill my heart with hope.

You have heard my prayer.

Sandra Lucas            Humility of Mary Health Partners         The National Association of Catholic Chaplains

 “Do not hesitate to visit the sick, because for such deeds you will be loved.” (Sirach 7:35)